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There is no audition to be accepted into Summer Strings. As long as space is available, all students who apply and meet qualifications are accepted. Students will, however, audition for placement in one of six orchestras. Live auditions will be held on Sunday before camp begins. The orchestra placement results will be posted the morning of the first day of camp.

Audition Procedures


Audition Music

The audition music consists of excerpts from the music that the orchestras will be playing during camp.  It will be posted on the Audition Music page on June 8.

Two excerpts will be recommended for each orchestra; however, you should play the two excerpts that you can perform the best. You must be able to accurately and musically perform the last two excerpts to be considered for placement in the Symphony Orchestra.

Audition Process

You must play two excerpts of your choice. The audition process is a very informal one. The judges will not have their backs turned and may ask you some questions such as how long you have been playing your instrument. The audition panel may also ask you to play all or part of a specific excerpt just to help them determine which orchestra is best for you. YOU MUST BE ABLE TO ACCURATELY AND MUSICALLY PERFORM THE LAST TWO EXCERPTS TO BE CONSIDERED FOR PLACEMENT IN THE SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA.

Audition Number

Everyone will be assigned an audition number which will be noted in the registration packet that will be posted on the Audition Music page in June, following the close of registration.

Violin and Cello Auditions

There will be three violin audition panels and two cello audition panels. Students will be assigned to a panel based on their grade level.

Audition Times

  • All audition placements will be on Sunday, July 7. Students will audition in the order of their assigned audition numbers, as listed on the Audition Music page.

  • DORM STUDENT Auditions will immediately follow the 1:00pm Camp Meeting.

  • COMMUTER Auditions will immediately follow the 3:00pm Camp Meeting.

  • Each section in each orchestra will re-audition on the Thursday morning of camp for new concert chair placement.
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