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All students must pay tuition. There is a tuition discount for families registering more than one child. There are no discounts on meals or the optional items. Contact the Program Director for details.

Dorm & Meals

Commuter Meals



Includes room fee and all meals beginning Sunday dinner through Friday lunch.

Commuters may purchase this pre-paid lunch-only meal plan or pay per meal (approximately $10.00 per day) on their own at the food court or bring their own lunch.

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Tuition is due by June 17, 2022. No refunds will be issued after this date.




One shirt is included in each camper tuition. Additional shirts may be purchased on the day of Camp Registration, July 10 (cash only).

Parking Registration

Concert Recording



Only if leaving your vehicle overnight at the dorms or if car is remaining on campus during the day camp.

May be purchased during at the concert.

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